Listening Tests Instruction

You have chosen to take an IELTS Listening Test
It will take 32 minutes to solve the test.

What is in this test?

  • You must answer 40 questions as you listen to the recording.
  • You can see a timer on-screen so you know how much time has passed, you cannot stop it. If you want to submit before 32 minutes, use the Finish Test button at the end of the page. After 32 minutes the test will close, and you can check your results.
  • There is an on-screen highlighter as well like in the actual IELTS test. Use to highlight the selected text. to remove selected words or text and to clear all the highlighted text.
  • In the actual IELTS test you should write all answers in capital letters as sometimes the answers can be proper nouns which should be written with the first letter as capital but here it will not be considered.
  • To solve the test it is recommended to do it on desktop or laptop.
Follow the instructions given with each question.

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